Solve your water challenges

  • No access to water network where you need it?
  • Logistical challenges to transport water in emergency situations?
  • Problems with the quality of the water you drink?
  • Suffering water restrictions due to drought?
  • Tired of buying and transporting expensive bottled water?
  • In need of the highest water purity  for your industrial processes?
  • Concerned about the environmental impact due to the water you use (plastic bottles, desalination, pollution,…)?


Now you can generate the purest water anywhere you need it, by condensing water from air humidity in an autonomous and economic way using a GENAQ portable atmospheric water generator (AWG) .

Solve your own water challenges and help preserve the planet by using a renewable resource, and, without generating any waste.


The highest water quality

Generate high purity soft water from air. Ideal for drinking even without chlorine

Water anywhere you need

No need for a nearby source of water
Just air and a source of electricity are needed


Operate without being connected to the power supply network with the help of solar panels, wind turbines or a diesel power unit

Environmentally friendly

No waste is produced and only a renewable source of water is used
In combination with a renewable source of energy, units have almost zero environmental impact


Lower price than water trucks or bottled water
Hot water can be produced with no additional operating cost

No installation

Compact solution, just a socket to plug in the generator is needed

As much as you need

Generation capacity adaptable to your needs, from 50 to 10,000 liters per day

Original design and manufacturing

We can customize your product as we own the full supply chain from design to manufacturing.

Water challenge

Our aim is to contribute to solving global water challenges like scarcity, temporary drought, sanitary water conditions…



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