Where can we apply GENAQ technology?

GENAQ researches, develops, and markets atmospheric water generators. As you have already read in previous posts, our technology allows us to generate water through the humidity of the air and, all this, in any corner of the world. But do you know exactly what applications it can be used for? There are three types: water dispenser, remote locations, and emergency response.

For the first case, we offer our Stratus range, which generates between 50 and 200 liters of water per day, and which is designed as water dispensers for supplying homes, offices, hospitals, or restaurants.

Our second range of products, Nimbus, features atmospheric water generators that can generate between 500 and 4500 liters of water per day and are presented in remote supply format with optimized efficiency to supply drinking water to oil rigs, mines, works or remote locations.

Our latest and third range, Cumulus, offers generators ranging from 50 to 5000 liters of water per day. In this case, its application is aimed at the emergency response sector and is structurally reinforced to supply drinking water in response to catastrophes or civilian and military camps.

Do you want to know more about GENAQ atmospheric water generators? Contact us through our website and a specialized technician will provide you with all the information.