Ultraviolet light: powerful GENAQ water disinfectant

One of the treatments that make GENAQ water pure is the disinfection through a UV lamp. Our atmospheric water generators produce, following their capacity, a maximum liters of water per day. In many cases, this water is not consumed directly, but stored, so bacteria could grow in the meantime.

The drinking water treatment, through UV light, is one of the most effective methods to obtain pure water and allows its highest quality without using chemical treatments that affect health such as the addition of chlorine or ozone. The UV is used to purify water from certain elements that contaminate it, such as bacteria, viruses, and microbes.

One of the key factors of our technology is precisely that: the quality of the water generated by our atmospheric generators. We live in times in which the presence of viruses in the environment, such as COVID-19, generates concerns regarding if the water produced by our generators could be or not of high quality. Nothing further from reality, since for GENAQ it is as important to generate water as it is to ensure sure it is drinkable and, therefore, suitable for human consumption. For this reason, the water treatment developed for our generators is of vital importance for GENAQ.

Lastly, it is worth highlighting that we can ensure this water quality thanks to the different quality seals obtained by GENAQ up to date, among them: the certification of water generation based on the Temperature and Relative Humidity of the air by the company TÜV Rheinland of recognized world prestige or the water quality analysis certification of ENAC (National Accreditation and Certification Entity), which proves that the GENAQ water is clean and of highest quality.