Water Dispenser

Get rid of buying, transporting, and storing bottled water with GENAQ Stratus water dispenser.

Designed to generate the highest quality of water at a reduced cost and without expensive installations works because it do not need connection to the water network.

Applications: Residential, offices, hotels, hospitals,…

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement Nº 808402.

Three options available:

20 liters/day
50 liters/day
200 liters/day


Bottled water is the most popular solution to overcome the low quality of drinking water in large areas of the world. The global consumption of bottled water reached 391 bn litres in 2017 and is expected to continue growing over the coming years. 

These high rates of bottled water consumption have raised concerns on its environmental and economic costs. The disposal of the bottles generates important amounts of plastic waste (More than 480 bn plastic drinking bottles were sold globally in 2016 ) that in many cases end up contaminating our oceans and other ecosystems (Figure 1). A 2015 study found that 12.7 million tonnes of plastic waste reached the oceans in 2010 alone  while a recent publication showed that 72% of animals sampled in the deepest points in the ocean contained plastic particles in their guts . Plastic waste is a major global concern and therefore, regional and national authorities worldwide are promoting measures to reduce plastic use and disposal. Bottled water production also results in the consumption of large amounts of oil: Only in the US, 17 million barrels of oil are consumed every year in order to source the national production of water bottles, not even taking into account the additional oil consumption associated to transportation and refrigeration. Water tanks and filtering systems (dispensers, jugs) constitute widespread alternatives to bottled water where water with sufficient quality is not available.

However, these systems face several limitations: The transportation of water in tanks results in the consumption of fuel and the emission of important quantities of Carbon Dioxide while the effectiveness of filtering systems to remove heavy metals and other hazardous components has been questioned by multiple studies.

391 billion litres of bottled water are consumed annually in the world with 4 main impacts:


Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) reproduce the natural water cycle by cooling the air and condensing ambient humidity to generate drinking water. AWGs are widely used to supply water to remote facilities where drinking water is not available (e.g. industrial, military, emergencies). However, their implementation into residential, commercial and public premises where bottled water consumption is predominant due to a lack of water supply or a poor water quality is needed and now made available with GENAQ Stratus.

Pure drinking water

No logistical annoyances

Lower price than bottled water

No installation

No waste produced

Cold and hot water


At home

Forget the bad tastes of tap water, to carry bottled water and spend money on it
You can get the highest quality water with GENAQ Stratus.
With cold water and optionally hot water available.


At the office

With GENAQ Stratus provides the highest quality water to your employees with these advantages to you:

  • Lower price than bottled water
  • No connections to water network in comparison with water chillers
  • Save the space normally used to store bottles and the time your employees spend putting them in place
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