Remote Supply Unit

Do you need to bring water to isolated places where there is no water network?

Generate your own water anywhere with GENAQ Nimbus remote supply units.

Designed for high production capacities as stand-alone fixed device.

Applications: Water for drinking, cooking, hygiene or  cleaning in remote residences or hotels, pure water for industrial processes, agriculture, animal breeding.

Two options available:

500 liters/day
4500 liters/day


Pure drinking water

Cold and hot water

No water supply needed

No installation

No waste produced

Compatible with solar panels


Remote locations

GENAQ Nimbus provides water supply in remote locations with:

  • the highest water quality anywhere you are
  • a more economical solution than other alternatives such as water tanks or well water
  • with solar panels, water is produced at zero energy cost


Industrial process

GENAQ Nimbus provides pure water supply for industrial processes:

  • with low mineral content
  • a more economic solution in terms of operational costs than other processes that purify water from the network
  • with lower initial investment than other processes

Water for cattle

If you do not have sustained access to clean water, GENAQ Atmospheric Water Generators provide you with a safe source of water to give to your animals to drink.
A more reliable solution than well water in terms of water contamination.


Water in agriculture

GENAQ Atmospheric Water Generators are ideal as a source of water for drip irrigation systems in arid climates
They provide with a reliable source of water even far from any other water source or help you to keep irrigationing during drought periods


Offshore installations

In an offshore installation like this you could have a GENAQ Stratus S50 and forget about the logistical problem of supplying water for your maintenance staff
But if your consumption is bigger we have a solution for you with GENAQ Nimbus See more…



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