GENAQ: Water generation process through air humidity

Do you know how GENAQ’s atmospheric water generators work? The procedure is very simple: they replicate the rain process. Our generators take air from outside, through a filtration process to ensure cleanliness, and extract its humidity in the condensation chamber thanks to revolutionary heat exchangers fed by a refrigeration circuit.

All the components of the generator are controlled by a processor with a software that minimizes energy consumption. Once the water is condensed, it follows a specialized treatment to obtain the highest quality.

All this procedure is carried out through an energy source that can come from the electrical network, genset,, solar or wind energy, achieving in the last two cases that the generators are completely autonomous and sustainable and, on the other hand, do not have any operating cost.

And what makes GENAQ water special? Its great quality. The water generated through our atmospheric generators is duly certified. All our generators follow an exhaustive quality control processes where we ensure their reliability, efficiency and that the water generated is of the highest possible quality, certified to the most important standards such as the World Health Organization and European and Americans drinking water directives.

Do you want to try it? We are waiting for you in the Showroom of our new facilities located in Lucena, Spain.


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