GENAQ: The best option for Oil and Gas industry

Remote locations are facing significant difficulties to have access to drinking water. This is the case of oil rigs, refineries, petrochemical plants, mines, oil vessels or places under construction, among others.

At GENAQ, we offer a solution to the lack of drinking water supply. Our atmospheric water generators are present in more than 35 countries around the world, are efficient, environmentally friendly, portable, do not require previous installation, are constantly connected and their performance is measured in a climatic chamber, as well as audited and certified, fulfilling the highest drinking water quality standards.

Some of our clients who have already installed our generators in their remote facilities are: the United Nations, the National Border Service SENAFRONT in Panama, NSCO Investments or Sapura oil vessel in Malaysia.

At GENAQ, we research and develop our own technology generating drinking water at the lowest possible cost, in a sustainable way and in locations without access to previous water supply.

Thanks to its reinforced structure and easy transport, water supply is always guaranteed, avoiding challenges related to logistics (transport of bottled water or the use of tanker trucks). Likewise, our atmospheric water generators offer optimized generation under extreme environmental conditions, up to 55ºC, keeping water stored pure and allowing different types of water mineralization.

In addition to these, we offer an on-site solution, so there is no need of logistics or risk of suffering supply cuts since water is available at any time. Also, we fully produce our equipment in our own facilities, allowing us offering customized solutions for specific needs.