GENAQ technology: key in crisis situations

The health crisis, because of the expansion of COVID-19 throughout the world, is opening new scenarios very rapidly in both economic and social areas in which technology is playing a leading role to face these new challenges.

Among them, the water sector is a key asset for human life and essential for its subsistence. In this sense, the solution of the atmospheric water generators proposed by GENAQ are a potential alternative.

Given the changes that we’re experiencing in this time of restricted movement in most countries, and the enormous possibility that our life patterns will undergo important changes in our near future, guaranteeing access to drinking water is essential.

At GENAQ we’ve been developing this type of technology for more than ten years in order to be able to generate drinking water in any corner of the world only through the humidity of the air and using for this an energy source that can be conventional or alternative, such as the case of solar energy.

As a result of this, GENAQ is an efficient and indispensable solution in the current contingency situation. Today, more than ever, it’s vital to guarantee the supply of drinking water in those places where citizens must stay at home.


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