GENAQ presents its new facilities

GENAQ presents its new facilities located in Lucena (Córdoba, Spain). Designed in a five-storey building with 1,250 square meters, it is annexed to the rest of the group companies’ facilities which represents, all together, more than 24,000 square meters. Inside, in addition to the offices and meeting rooms, there are four more areas that make these facilities innovative in their sector and throughout the world. These are the Laboratory, the Specialized Manufacture of Prototypes, the Climate Chamber and the Showroom.

Perhaps the room, that makes these facilities unique, is the Climate Chamber, where the temperature and humidity conditions are reproduced to get the behaviour of our atmospheric water generators anywhere in the world, and obtain the operating data following the environment characteristics.

The Laboratory is the area where the generators are tested once the manufacturing process has been completed and verified before being sent to the customer. The Specialized Prototype Manufacturing area is where new developments are studied and produced before their implementation in the commercial models.

Finally, the new facilities have, on their ground floor, about 80 square meters Showroom where some GENAQ atmospheric water generators models are exposed, and the water generated from the humidity of the air can be tested.

GENAQ generators extract water through the moisture in the air and, when condensed, becomes drinkable through a water treatment, in order to make it optimal for human consumption. All this procedure is carried out thanks to an energy source as the electricity grid, a power plant or from solar or wind energy, The last two cases make the generators, from one hand, completely autonomous and sustainable and, on the other hand, free of operating costs.

Since 2008, GENAQ has invested in the research, development, and industrialization of atmospheric water generators, offering the market a wide variety of water generators, as well as custom developments for specific needs. As a result of this development, the fourth generation of GENAQ water generators is already in operation in 25 countries worldwide (USA, Africa, South America, the Middle East, …).

The KEYTER INTARCON GENAQ group has more than 30 years’ experience in refrigeration, industrial air conditioning and atmospheric water generation. As a result of this long history, its engineers, who make up 25% of the whole workforce, have been researching and developing various innovative products based on refrigeration, water, and air treatment techniques.

Currently, the group exports more than 50% of its production mainly to other countries in Europe, North Africa, Middle East, and America, establishing itself as the first international manufacturer in its 100% Spanish capital sector. Last 2019, it reached a turnover close to 40 million euros, a growth that has led into a development employing more than 400 workers. KEYTER INTARCON GENAQ develops its own technology and manufactures in its facilities located in Spain, so adapting the product based on the need for the application is one of its greatest strengths.


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