GENAQ Atmospheric Water Generators:

A real technology solution for the Defense sector

GENAQ atmospheric water generators are a real technology solution to the difficulty of access to drinking water that the Defense sector currently suffers, specifically for military or humanitarian camps, and for field hospitals.

Drinking water is not only necessary for human consumption, also to avoid diseases. It is a scarce good in most places, even more so in which are located in remote locations where the main challenge is to meet drinking water needs.

At GENAQ we work tirelessly to make this goal a reality, providing an innovative, sustainable and easy-to-implement solution to this challenge: our atmospheric water generators. Our GENAQ Cumulus range is specially designed to supply potable water in civil, military and disaster response camps.

With a reinforced structure and easy transport, it offers a generation optimized for extreme environmental conditions of up to 55ºC, keeping the water storage free of contamination and allowing several options of mineralization of the water. The supply is always guaranteed, eliminating the challenges related to logistics (avoiding the transport of bottled water or in tanker trucks, among others).

GENAQ atmospheric generators are autonomous and the water quality is tested and certified by ENAC according to the most demanding water standards. The performance of our generators is also certified by TÜV Rheinland, a global provider of technical, safety and industrial certification services.

The GENAQ Cumulus range includes three models:

GENAQ Cumulus C50. With a nominal generation capacity of 52 liters / day, its design and weight allow it to be transported by two people.

GENAQ Cumulus C500. With a nominal generation capacity of 573 liters / day, its wheels allows it to be moved by a single person and is compatible with the use of an external tank that keeps the water in perfect condition, thanks to the integrated recirculation mode.

GENAQ Cumulus C5000. With a nominal generation capacity of 5,912 liters / day, it has been optimized to maximize water generation, ensuring reliability thanks to its double cooling circuit. It can be integrated with a 2000-liter tank and a generator set (with autonomy of one week), in an adapted 20-foot container that allows easy transport (including marine) and rapid deployment.

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