GENAQ and kiconex: a one-off technology

One of the features that makes GENAQ atmospheric water generators exclusive is our IoT (Internet of Things) solution, based on kiconex technology. This is a remote control and monitoring system based on cloud storage. Kiconex allow to control all different parameters of our AWG from anywhere.

This solution addresses three aspects: control, monitoring and data collection. Thanks to it, we can control our generators remotely, monitor their performance, adjust different configurations, carry out consumption studies and collect data for different analyses.

kiconex is made up of a hardware (kibox) and a control and monitoring platform (kiconex). The hardware part consists of a printed electronic board (kibox) that captures all data from our generators and sends information to the cloud through a VPN with internet connection, using either Wi-Fi, 3G or a simple Ethernet network,. Subsequently, data sent by the kibox is displayed on the kiconex platform. Kiconex allow to manage our atmospheric water generators from any electronic device with access to internet, such as laptops or desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

With kiconex it is possible to have access to any atmospheric water generator parameters: from viewing data of our devices and interacting with it, to change the setpoint of a scheduled action. Thanks to cloud technology, data received will always be available online, allowing you to track its evolution in real time. In addition, data can be represented through graphs and can be downloaded for a more detailed study.

Kiconex is one of the business lines that are part of our industrial group which includes GENAQ, together with KEYTER and INTARCON. Its activity is focused on the research, development, manufacture and commercialization of innovative products and services that integrate technologies based on Industry 4.0 for remote control and monitoring of air conditioning, industrial refrigeration and atmospheric water generation facilities.