Advantages of containerized atmospheric water generation compared to other alternatives

Access to drinking water is an unquestionable need. If we think of remote locations, the difficulties in accessing to drinking water are evident. For this reason, atmospheric water generation is presented a great advance, allowing this access in places such as field hospitals, military or emergency camps, oil rigs or sustainable houses.

GENAQ atmospheric water generators are a great alternative for this kind of sectors, by offering compact water solutions that can be integrated in containers. Likewise, they do not require installations or storage space, do not generate waste and are completely autonomous.

Why is GENAQ´s solution the best alternative to obtain drinking water?

  1. Due to the quality of water generated. When generating water, it is important to obtain best water quality, suitable for human consumption. Other alternatives, such as wells or aquifers (many of them contaminated), cannot guarantee the same quality. GENAQ’s water fulfil the most demanding drinking water standards.
  2. Because previous water source is not required. GENAQ atmospheric water generators replicate the natural process of rain, condensing the water from the humidity in the air, thanks to a refrigeration technology. They only require a source of energy, which can be either grid energy, gensets (that allow autonomy of up to seven days), wind or photovoltaic power. Other alternatives, such as reverse osmosis, require a previous water source for subsequent filtration, something that in countries with high rates of drought or lack of access to water sources hinder its use.
  3. Because it does not require prior installation or logistic management. Once a GENAQ atmospheric water generator is delivered at destination, it does not need additional installation. Other alternatives, such as desalination plants, require large infrastructures, being the investment for this kind of projects much higher than the solution presented by GENAQ.

GENAQ is present in more than 45 countries around the world. Our atmospheric water generators are efficient, environmentally friendly, portable, do not require prior installation, can be constantly monitored and their performance is measured in a Climate Chamber, so we can certify the amount of water generated for different temperature and humidity conditions. Nowadays, GENAQ is the most efficient drinking water generation solution.